Earn by just visiting Us

In hozanas, we create an affiliate program where you can earn by simply making use of our platform. This system where design to help you get tips, bonuses, and Income flow while visiting and recommending us. These are ways you can earn Commission while using our platform

  • Make affiliate commission by using social media networking to promote and successfully complete sales of The Revolution Academy Products (high ticket courses), exclusive Products
  • Inviting Advertising clients to sign up to advertise their Products and services with us,
  • Promoting our YouTube Channel Videos by garnering subscriptions with positive feedbacks.
  • Get seven (7) individual vendors in 10 days to sign up for at least 6 months of premium membership and provide 1 month free promotion for each these vendors once they sign up using hozanas platform affiliate link on your social media (provide snapshots of the social media platform, date, posting)
  • Get 7 new customers every 10 days to buy any exclusive products of over $25 with the customers providing positive feedback for each products bought

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