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Do you get angry easily? Have you tried controlling your temper but could not hold back your outburst? Do you cause harm to people when angry and you wish it would stop? Would you like to know about anger management techniques? If you are affirmative about any of these questions, then you are right on track.

Anger is an emotion just like every other human emotion. However, this kind of emotional outburst causes bitterness, resentment and a tendency to hurt people or damage things. We all get angry about things, places, or what people do to us. But being able to manage it varies from person to person. So, understanding anger management techniques will go a long way to promote a good interpersonal relationship between you and the people around you.

Anger Management Techniques 

Anger management techniques are a variety of skills that help you to deal with frustrating emotions. It does not matter whether you are hot-tempered or not; learning anger management is a must for everyone.  

Furthermore, anger is energy on its own and the ability to control it is power. When it is improperly managed, it can result in an unwanted incidence. People often use the wrong language when angry. Sadly, we cannot take back the words we speak to people out of anger, which mostly leads to regret.

There are many anger management books, classes and anger management movies that can help you put your temper in check. Also, these materials will enable you to channel your energy right when angry. For instance, anger management classes are therapy sessions where a professional takes you through some routine on anger management.

The best anger management techniques are simple and very healthy. In this article, I will like to share seven (7) best anger management techniques. You can apply this technique to your daily life.

  • Self diagnosis is the easiest anger management technique
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Seek help where appropriate
  • Take a break
  • Practice routine change
  1. Self Diagnosis is the easiest Anger Management Technique


Self-diagnosis, which is sometimes called self help is one of the fastest means of managing anger issues. This is why anger management techniques are compulsory knowledge for all.  If you have had a sickness, you will definitely be able to know its symptoms. 

Likewise is it with anger. You should identify the things that easily angers you or situations that make you angry at a snap. Sometimes, it could be stress, work burden and unpleasant reactions from other people that piss you off. This is what self diagnosis entails. 

Self diagnosis is an efficient anger management technique by learning your anger triggers and avoiding them. Also, another good way to self-diagnose your anger triggers is to make a list of possible scenarios, past and present events that have triggered you and avoid them.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Our thought controls our actions, which invariably leads to habit. Since our thoughts control how we act and behave, it is important to be mindful of our thought patterns. The CBT anger management technique is centered on recognizing absurd thought patterns and dealing with them.

In addition, research has proven that cognitive behavioral therapy goes a long way in anger management. As the subject implies, it deals with mental functions⎯your thought, feelings or emotions. CBT is a therapeutic process that recognizes and transforms negative mental activities into positive ones. 

Subsequently, cognitive behavioral therapy is not only limited to anger management classes. It can also be derived from anger management books and materials. 

  1. Seek Help Where Appropriate:

According to the mental health organization (MHO), 1 out of 8 adults receives mental health treatment. Discussing your mental health can be difficult, especially when you think no one cares about how you feel. Often, the fear of people’s reaction could hold you back and make you feel ashamed about it. This is understandable. But, it will surprise you to know that some of these people you hide from have been in your shoes at one stage in their lives. 

As much as you think you cannot trust others with your problem, you still need to seek help in situations that seem beyond your control. Attending anger management classes, reading anger management books, and watching films are good ways to seek help. 

  1. Take a Break

I can remember when we always had a break time after some hours of lectures in high school. The reason is to help the brain rest from continuous activities. 

A break time is also an anger management technique that can help you ease the stress you encounter.  This time taken off will help to relax your nerves and make you calm. You will give the best reactions and comments when you always make out a break time for yourself. Learn to practice this anger management technique as often as you can. Do not overwork yourself without making out time for relaxation.  

5. Practice Routine Change

Repetition of a routine can frustrate a person, especially when it does not yield any change or progress. An example is going through the same route to work every day and the traffic jam keeps you on the road for long hours. This process every workday can lead to anger, then display aggression on others when you eventually get to the office.  

But then, you could have a routine change. It could be changing your route, time of movement, or doing something else besides the usual.

All of the anger management tips mentioned here are easy to practice and that’s why they are the best. They can be added to our daily routine. You will achieve the best of every day when you develop these skills.

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