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Do you know an intelligent and result-driven person? Such a person sure does have a library full of personal development books. The same way students read books to pass an examination, every successful professional, business owner and entrepreneur reads personal development books to excel in life.

Indeed, you’ve got a lot to read to be successful in what you do. Readers are leaders, and great leaders are addictive readers. Reading creates an advantage for you in life above others. However, reading is not just something random. It would be best if you were specific about what you want to achieve through reading. 

First, your reading should not be for entertainment but for growth and personal development. Therefore, reading personal development books should be a core part of your book archive.

Why do I need personal development books?

Self-help books, sometimes called personal development books, will help you with the technical know-how to handle day-to-day issues like anxiety, self-care, self-image, and interpersonal relationships with people. 

Personal development books will help you overcome bad habits and inculcate in you the right ones. These kinds of books would not only expose you to your inadequacies but will also help you to live beyond them. For instance, a perfect guide to self-improvement and motivation for success will be an excellent book for you if you desire to be excellent at what you do.

As a business owner or a professional, you will need a certain kind of book to succeed within your niche. You cannot live above what you know. Your business decisions and choices are within the confinement of what you know. Hence, you read to know how to make the right decisions and choices. 

Subsequently, personal development books allow you to take in years of the author’s research, experiences, and expertise. This is why successful business owners prioritize reading above anything else. They read books on financial literacy, human resource management and the likes. 

What area of your life would you like to improve? How do you plan to improve your life? What next move do you want to make massively? If you desire answers for any of these, find your answers in personal development books. These books would improve your psychology, emotions, and human relations. Some of them can even help you deal with personal issues that cannot be shared with someone else.

In this article, I would show you some categories of some personal books that can change your life forever;

  • Personal Development Books for your Spiritual Growth 
  • Books on Psychology, Emotions and Mind development
  • Personal Development Books on Finance
  • Books on Social Development 
  • Physical and Mental Development Books

1. Personal Development Books for your Spiritual Growth 

Surely, God is Spirit, and He made man in His likeness, so this justifies that man is spirit. An amazing part of God’s creation is that He gave humanity a physical body to identify Him. Still, you must understand that man in His original state is a spirit. This is why spiritual development ranks the first in your personal development journey. 

Grow your spirit to learn to identify things that are beyond human reasoning. There are lots of spiritual teachers whom God had inspired to teach others. These men and women had taken their time to study the word of God. Some of them have a better understanding of subjects that seem confusing to you. To pick up one of their books is to save you the stress of being confused for too long about what God’s word says. Reading their books increases your spiritual capacity. 

The truth is, several other religions talk about God. Still, none of them knows how to access God without consulting mediums. Consulting an object or a medium in the quest for spiritual growth makes a person contact a demonic and manipulative spirit. It would be best if you avoid that. The only access to God is through Jesus. The Bible says;

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

Your spirituality is to reckon with the Spirit of God himself. Therefore, to experience spiritual development is to have an advanced understanding of this God-life and live it effectively. The Bible and other Christian literature fall in this category of spiritual development. 

Please take note that reading spiritual books does not substitute for the study of your Bible. It is expedient that you grow spiritually as you do physically. Feed your spirit as it is the core part of your being. The Word of God and other spiritual materials would strengthen your faith and establish your path in life.

2. Books on Psychology, Emotions and Mind Development

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence.”

-Robert K. Cooper, PhD

Your psychology has to do with your mental, emotional and intellectual capabilities. Your whole behavioral pattern is what is referred to as psychology. You need to develop your psychology because your thought pattern and life’s actions depend on it. The truth is, you need your mind to be in better reasoning condition to make excellent choices and decisions. You cannot act better than your reasoning. To improve your reasoning, you need to improve your book reading, especially books on psychology.

Subsequently, psychology books help you develop a positive mindset about life. This kind of book keeps your emotions in check and helps you avoid making any wrong moves. Also, they expand your thought horizon, thereby creating a positive impact on your brain. 

3. Personal Development Books on Finance

Money is important. One more important thing you need to know is money management. These are not things you are taught in school. You learn personal money management through reading books written by a personal finance expert. 

You might have heard of stories of people who, through intelligent skills acquired massive wealth. However, due to a lack of management, they end up losing everything. Financial development is an essential subject that must constantly resound to you if you desire great wealth. 

Rich Templar, the author of the rule of money, is one financial author I can recommend to you anytime. My best advice is that you should not wait until you have financial crises to learn about finance. Now is the best time to develop yourself financially.

4. Books on Social Development

Your relationship and communication are the heart of any society. You would agree with me that not everyone has good interpersonal skills. Lack of interpersonal relationships could result in failure and several limitations within any community, group, or society. 

Imagine an entrepreneur who finds it hard to talk to an audience about their product because such an entrepreneur lacks interpersonal relationships. Your social ability helps you know the events around you and ways to participate in them. Improve your social skills today by finding some of the amazing flipbooks or eBooks in the Hozanas bookstore. 

5. Physical and Mental Development Books

Surprisingly, books do not only affect your spirit or mind. It also has a positive impact on your body. Physical and mental development is what you enjoy in reading a personal development book. Reading is like exercise to the brain the same way jogging is to your physical. Exercise a good and profiting feat. Try to exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes. You will realize the changes in your body and mental capacity. 

In conclusion, make personal development books be a priority in your reading schedule. Let me hear from you in the comment section about some fantastic personal development books that have helped you in life.

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