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business dress code

Understanding business dress code etiquette will not only make you confident and smart but will present you to the world as the professional that you are.

Of course, choosing a professional dress code in the workplace shouldn’t be a herculean task. But it is for most people because; knowing what to wear to the office depends on several factors.

For example, the business casual dress code for ladies is different from the dress code for an office party, meet and greet and official ceremonies. What you wear to an office party might not fit a business summit or an official meeting.

So, you must understand what is business dress code? What business occasion should you wear a pant, a jean or a gown? Also, you must understand how to wear what to wear.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the three (3) types of business dresses and when each level of professionalism is appropriate.


The term “business dress code” refers to a person’s choice of dress for a formal business situation.

From business casual dress code to business professional dress, finding out what your company’s dress code standards are is critical to building a professional wardrobe that works for you.

business professional dress code for men

Subsequently, a business dress code in the US can refer to anything from a full suit and tie, to jeans and a collared shirt or t-shirt in the modern office.

To be accepted and recognized in a business environment, it is vital to conform to the office dress code guidelines, whether it is business casual dress, business formal dress code or business professional dress code.

Also, when it comes to virtual calls and meetings, it’s still crucial to look your best, even if you’re working from home or remotely.

There will be varying views on what constitutes an appropriate professional dress code for males and females even within the same industry. If there is a dress code in place at your place of business, here is a guide to the various options.


It’s important to remember that you’re making a strong first impression when wearing a business professional dress. It’s a step up from your everyday attire to a corporate dress code.

If you’re attending a formal business meeting or award ceremony, you may need to wear a business professional dress.

A dark suit and a silk tie are the professional dress code for males. Cufflinks can be worn with a French-cut shirt. This includes silk or linen pocket squares.

The ensemble is complete with a pair of black dress shoes and dark slacks. Closed-toed flats and pantyhose are required for ladies in formal business clothing.

Professional Dress Code for Males

  • A man’s business formal dress is a suit and tie.
  • Also, dress shoes and a dark- or neutral-colored suit are the norms for men in a formal workplace
  • Suit with pinstripes or a simple dark color
  • A collared shirt of a light or white color
  • Tie of the day
  • Cufflinks
  • A cowskin belt
  • Plain socks and dress shoes are required attire.

Professional Dress Code for Females

  • Wear a conservative suit and collared shirt or blouse in work attire for women is commonplace:
  • A suit in a dark or neutral shade
  • Shirt or blouse with collar in white or light color or white or light color
  • A knee-length skirt or a pair of pants
  • A pair of tights or stockings
  • Closed-toe stylish sneakers in black or a neutral color


The Business professional dress is similar to the business formal dress but the difference is that the business professional is mainly to showcase your profession.

For instance, a business dress code in the US army depicts the military career likewise is it with the dressing for an accountant in a particular organization and bank or the dress code of an air hostess.

You will realize that these kinds of business dress codes are mainly for a certain profession. When you wear a business professional dress, you’re trying to project a professional image.


It is not necessary to wear a suit if the dress code at your workplace is a business casual. Business attire dress code is considered “casual,” when less formality is required, but still calls for men and women to dress moderately and presentably, wearing button-down collared tops and jackets.

Pants and collared shirts or sweaters are the standard business casual dress code for ladies. In contrast, polo shirts, collared shirts, and sweaters are all acceptable choices for business casual dress code for men.

Additionally, having a tie on is not necessary for a business casual dress.

Business Casual Dress Code for Men

  • A well-tailored jacket or suit
  • Plain or patterned button-down shirts (no tie required)
  • Pants (don’t have to match the jacket in color)
  • You can either wear oxfords or brogues.

Business Casual Dress Code for Ladies

As a smart business dress code, ladies can wear brighter colors and bolder apparel, as long as they are clean and presentable.

  • A patterned or colored blouse
  • Jewelry with a more flamboyant style
  • The casual blazer or cardigan is a good option.
  • In a variety of color schemes, these pants or skirts are a must-have.
  • Wear a knee-length dress.
  • Smart shoes with closed or open toes.

In conclusion, the business dress code you choose must depend on your organization and your body structure. Always wear what fits you best.

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