A Beginner Guide on How to Read Books

After a few years of reading, I have learned a few things I wish I had known at the outset. This guide will help you, even if you are a complete newbie who wants to learn how to read books. 

I can guarantee that you will discover something of use. In addition, I’ll list some good books for beginners and places to get some of these books, especially the flipbook formats that make reading very interesting.

Firstly, I would like to review some misconceptions that prevent people from picking up a book and reading. 

Myths and Common Misconceptions about reading

Can everybody learn to read? What is the goal of reading? You have been told numerous myths that prevent people from reading books. Below are the 3 major myths about reading:

  1. It’s too late to start: Many people will sneer at you if you pick up a book for the first time and say that if you really wanted to be a reader, you should have started reading when you were a kid. 

They tell you that it’s too late to do anything about it. There is never an early or late time to start reading. You can start right now with a few books like this one here.

  1. Reading is Boring: The second most common argument against reading is that it’s boring. This was the initial viewpoint of many readers (including me). 

Naturally, many things that end up changing your life sound boring before you try them. Many people try reading for the first time but give up because they get sleepy (this is very common). Don’t give up so fast! 

The beginning of any book is always the least exciting part because the author is busy setting up the story’s premise. You know you can’t just walk in there. If you want to read more chapters while keeping this in mind, go ahead.

  1. Why read when you can watch: You’ve probably heard many bookworm friends say, “Books are way better than movies.” There is a good reason why we say that. Your mind creates its own version of the story as soon as you pick up a book. It’s as if the book writes itself; you don’t even have to try to imagine it. 

Each section of the book is like a scene from the film. That’s why reading a book is so enjoyable. Like a massive, high-quality film, it will leave you satisfied and fulfilled once you’ve finished it. Trust me, it would be a shame if you missed out on this.

These are examples of false assumptions that had to be challenged. Now that you know some of the reading challenges let’s move on to the reading section. Reading can be anything you like—fiction, nonfiction, self-help, romance, crime, etc.

Book Reading Tips For Beginners

  1. To begin, SELECT A BOOK. This seems easier than it actually is. It turns out there are millions of books, and it’s safe to assume that we humans only have so much time to read those books. 

Here are some nonfiction books I will recommend you start with. They are necessary first for your personal development and discipline for the new task you are about to embark on.

  1. BEGIN READING. Relax and let your eyes follow the flow of the first few sentences in your book. 

Whether you find the author’s style pretentious, wordy, slow, or anything else that doesn’t work for you, just remember that life is short and move on (sidestep the existential crisis this time). 

  1. Don’t overthink it; just dive into the reading. Let it all out. Feelings like “I don’t have time for it” should not hold you back. You won’t regret getting started; trust me on this. Don’t ever feel bad about the book you’re reading or make fun of someone else who is. Just keep this in mind, and you’ll be fine.
  2. You should read for your own enjoyment, not to impress anyone else. Never forget that, and stop caring what people think.
  3. Once you get going, you’ll need to decide whether you read best from physical or digital books. I enjoy both eBooks and physical books, but digital flipbooks win out for me because of their portability and reading experience, making them feel like physical books. 

While physical books can be expensive, you can get two flipbooks at Hozanas book store for the price of one physical book.

Now, you don’t have to feel about where and how to start to read that book. Start from where you are. Read books about what you love and passionate about.

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