October is National Read a Book Month

By: Hozanas Team
October is National Read a Book Month

Every year October is National read a Book Month. This month-long event honors the value of books, words, and stories.

National Book Month celebrates and recognizes America’s best books and authors.

In 2003, the National Book Foundation initiated National Book Month and today, we, at Hozanas bookstore join to commensurate this day.

5 Tips on Celebrating National Read A Book Month

What is the significance of this day?

How does national read a book month benefit you?

Why read a book in the first place? Without any doubt, books are resources that help you leverage the experience and exposure of the author.

Here are some interesting tips to help you celebrate the national read a book month in a grand style:

1. Start reading a new book

I know you have plans for reading books this year. Surely, it’s never too late. We still have over 90 days left in the year and you can make the most of it to commit yourself to reading.

Most importantly, this month dedicated to reading a book could launch you into a new adventure that will transform your life forever. A great way to celebrate National Book Month is to pick up a book you’ve never read before.

If you’re in the market for a new read, I highly recommend checking through these books, which focus on personal development and life transformation. You can also find them here.

2.         Make a social media post about the National Book Month

This month is National Book Month, so share your reading and writing adventures with the world using the hashtag #NationalBookMonth #Hozanas.

Share your reading recommendations and thoughts to inspire others to pick up a book.

3.         Read a book you loved again

I don’t see why brand-new books get all the attention. But to celebrate National Book Month, consider reading again a book you loved reading many years ago. These range from free fiction books, some of which you can find here, to some how-to books about anything you once learned but want to relearn.

Revisiting a book that impacted your development is something you should do for yourself once in a while.

4.         Support Online Book Stores

Buying books from a more ethical marketplace, even if it costs more than buying from Amazon, is a great way to support online bookstores during this national read-a-book month.

On the other hand, smaller bookstores often have intimate author events and sell incredible exclusive products (signed copies, merchandise, and more). If you choose to spend a little more, you can rest assured that your favorite author or independent publishing house will be able to keep doing the work they love.

5.         Books are Excellent Gifts

Consider bringing a book as a thoughtful gift for someone you love at the next birthday, wedding, or holiday party you attend. Giving a book you enjoy as a gift is a way to let someone you care about into your world and learn more about you simultaneously.

Get some exciting Flipbooks here. Flipbooks are electronic books that feel like hardcover when you read them. This is a different reading experience you will like to enjoy.

Write a Book for yourself

Oh yes, writing is another way to celebrate national book day. Everyone has a backstory or two they can share. Even though staring at a blank page may seem intimidating, remember that every great book had a similar beginning.

Use this month to start writing the story you want to tell, whether you write in a journal every day or just text messages. Nobody can predict who will benefit from your words.

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