Womanhood is God's gift to the world of men. Being a woman is more than just a gender position. It is a call and an assignment to stand up as a wife, mother, nation builder and a deliverer. Dear woman, we are all here today because of you. Thank you for all your sacrifices. We celebrate you today as always. Happy International Women's day
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It’s International Women’s Day, IWD for short. Today is all about women around the globe. While some parts of the world dedicate this day to women, others see it like any other day. But, we cannot annul the fact that women deserved to be celebrated.


The origins of IWD can be traced back to the socialist movement of more than a century ago, which is both interesting and unexpected. In 1908, 15,000 women took to the streets of New York City to call for shorter work hours, higher pay, and the ability to vote.

Interestingly, the Socialist Party of America established the first National Woman’s Day a year later. Even if we disagree with the ideology that led to the creation of women’s day, we can all agree that its goal is to recognize and honor women with great admiration.

Now, dear Christian women, you must be the loudest cheerleaders for women and girls worldwide because the most compelling grounds for valuing women and girls come from the Bible and the Christian worldview.


The truth is that women were created in the image of God. Before God, none is greater or less. Both men and women are equal before God. The God-DNA resides within each of us to represent God equally within our means. As a result, we were all endowed with the power and design to represent God on Earth.

Consequently, We know from the beginning of time that God created Adam first. That was a solid start, but it wasn’t complete. Man was not meant to be left alone (Gen. 2:18). In Adam, God’s image was not fully reflected until He made Eve.

A woman’s role in a man’s world cannot be underestimated. For instance, Zipporah’s intercession saved Moses’ life from God’s wrath (Exodus 4:24-25). That was a wife standing in the gap for the supposed deliverer of Israel.

Likewise, Deborah’s rise as a warrior saved an entire nation from oblivion (Judges 5:7). Many more women in the Bible did extraordinary feats. They show that being a woman means more than just being a wife, a girl, or a lady. A woman is a nurturer, a mother, a nation builder, a deliverer, and a powerful force in our world.

That God needed a woman to completely express his image was made clear by the creation of Eve. Eve was referred to as an Ezer, or helper in the original Hebrew.

Amazingly, God was described as Ezer (helper) in the Bible severally. Women, this is a time for joy, awe, and wonder! Ezer, as women, are fundamentally the image of God. Women are of infinite value because they are fashioned in God’s image. They, therefore, deserve to be honored on International Women’s Day.


Women are highly regarded by Jesus throughout the gospels and not only in the story of creation. There are examples of women being honored in the early church for their faith and contributions.

Womanhood is revered throughout the Bible, from creation to redemption, from Genesis to Revelation.


As a result of our loving and forgiving God in heaven, we are obligated to safeguard and uphold the value of each and every little girl. So many people want to oppress, mistreat, and humiliate women in this broken world. Scripture provides a rock-solid foundation and reason for properly upholding women—namely, that we were formed in God’s image; consequently, every woman has tremendous value. Therefore, IWD’s goals are admirable.

It is our responsibility as Christians to be the world’s most pro-women. Today, as we commemorate International Women’s Day, may we be remembered for our commitment to valuing and protecting all women. We Christians should be the world’s most pro-women group.

The woman gender has been defined for far too long by society, and even Christian, stereotype women. At the time of her creation, God did not intend for Eve to be Adam’s ward, pet, or inferior in any way. He made her a companion for Adam; just like the animals, each had a female counterpart that matched their male counterparts. Eve was even given a task, the same one given to Adam: managing the garden and exercising authority over the creatures that God had created, including the animals.

Therefore, the oppression and ridicule of women in history was never God’s purpose. Both men and women were made in the image of God and their worth is equal (Genesis 1:27). Even after Adam and Eve sinned, God had a plan and a purpose for Eve and utilized her for His glory. Therefore, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to honor God’s love for all of us, regardless of our gender.

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