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Do you want to improve your personality? Are you making some personal development mistakes that have been hindering your growth? Would you like to learn how to become better than who you used to be? If any of these questions’ answer is Yes, then you are on track.

Firstly, what is personal development?

Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way you can set goals for yourself, achieve them and aspire for greater goals. Personal development helps you reach the peak of your potential by leveraging new skills, new goals, and aspiring to become better.

However, personal development is more than just learning new things or accumulating new information. People make a lot of personal development mistakes, which have affected their personal growth in one way or the other. They complain that personal development does not work and hence, they quit on themselves.  

You see, the things you do not know about personal development would make you think personal development does not work. In personal development, the mistake most people make is bombarding themselves with new information. 


In personal development, you also need to unlearn some old habits and limiting ideologies, then think about how you can change from who you used to be to who you want to be. 

Personal Development Mistakes

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There are some personal development mistakes most of us make while trying to live a productive life. The wrong intention from the start already ruins the growth process. For example, setting goals to impress other people and refusing to go beyond your comfort zone are all devastating and counter growth.

The truth is, we all have regrets, and we all make mistakes. While some mistakes cannot be corrected, they can be avoided. Learning some personal development mistakes will help you avoid running at a spot or working tirelessly without any result to show for your effort.

Here are some personal development mistakes most people make while trying out self-development or growth.

Note: You can only change what you can identify and acknowledge.

Personal Development Mistake 1: Lack of consistency

Picking up a skill today and tomorrow you are off to something else is lack of consistency. Trying a new habit and not having the discipline to continue is also a lack of consistency. 

Personal development is not something you do half of the time or only when you’re in the right mood. It requires your consistent input. Staying on a thing for a long time will birth a better result. 

Personal Development Mistake 2: Lack of awareness (of how you think and feel) 

Have you ever considered any mistakes you might be making when trying to develop your personality? Actually, most of us have a tendency to overlook mistakes that have the ability to obstruct our personal growth.

If you don’t understand how you think and feel, you can’t possibly change your actions and results. Though you might try, it won’t work.

Personal Development Mistake 3: Comparing yourself to other people

Looking down on your ability due to what you see others do only brings about weariness and instability. You should start seeing yourself as one who can improve and get better every day. Getting better does not permit comparison; it only permits continuity.

Personal Development Mistake 4: Not dreaming big enough

“Think Big.”

Ben Carson

If you lack sight, it would be difficult to go far beyond your dreams. You must learn to dream big enough to fuel your personal development strength. Try and widen your imagination.  

Personal Development Mistake 5: Letting your past define your future

Your past is like a hindrance to moving on in life, especially the negative one. Your past should never dictate your future achievement for you. 

The future is a mystery that only unravels as we approach each day with great excitement and zeal for better things to come and a better story to tell of our great achievements in life.

Personal Development Mistake 6: Blaming your circumstances for how you feel

Failure is like stepping on a ladder to greater doors.

But how? You might ask. 

Successful people did not get there in a day. It’s been a journey of ups and downs in life.  Blaming the circumstances around your failure, fault, or little challenge in your way of personal development is not a solution to progress,  It only hinders it. 

Don’t keep saying, I knew this would happen! I had the feeling that I’m not the best!  You are only limiting your value and speed.Personal development can only be possible if you will stop blaming your feelings and circumstances.

Personal Development Mistake 7: Resisting negative emotion

Negative thoughts would definitely ravage your hearts, especially when you are putting the effort to work but coming forth with little or no result.

But I tell you, you can surely put aside every negative thought by simply seeing yourself beyond such negative emotion you may feel at such a time. 

     Like they always say, we are the product of our thoughts.

Personal Development Mistake 8: Not taking responsibility for your results

Whatever results you see play out in your life, especially negative ones, never stay there and brood over it.Stand up straight at it and keep the race going.

Personal Development Mistake 9: Not prioritizing tasks

Neglecting important tasks, overlooking some little tasks which later would matter in your development is a mistake to watch out for. This can bring about procrastination-the killer of time and purpose.

Personal Development Mistake 10: To think of happiness is a destination

Trying to perfect your personal development journey with the hope of attaining happiness at the end is a vague life. 

Happiness is a habit, not a destination you reach. At every junction of your life, I advise you enjoy every bit of your progress and fulfillment over every development stage. With this, you can aim high and full of life for better days.

How to Fix your Personal Development Mistakes

 Rightly said, you must be aware of these mistakes and be passionate about changing your attitude towards growth if truly this will amount to your heart-long dream. 

Considering how to make sure your heart keeps getting the right information and motivation? Do you desire to learn, unlearn and relearn? Would you like to be free from some of these mistakes? Then, here is your chance.

A Quick Guide to Improve Your Mindset (Flipbook + Downloadable E-Book)

 There are certain self-help books on hozanas book store with a proven track record on forming new habits, changing bad ones and becoming a better person. These books will help you navigate your thoughts, intentions to lasting change and development. 

The 31 DAY POSITIVE MINDSET JOURNAL (Flipbook + Downloadable E-Book)

Positive mindsets do not just happen; it takes effort and commitment to develop. Knowing this, we have made it easier for you to walk positively through simple steps in our guide. We hope to transform your mindset every day for 31 days.

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A Perfect Guide to Self-Improvement and Motivation for Success 

Improve and motivate yourself for a successful life. This material will guide you through different ways to boost your self-motivation and desire to improve yourself by proper goal setting, successful planning, and maintaining life balance. It also comes with useful weekly and daily planners to enable you to get things done more efficiently.

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Believe it or not, hard work does not equate to productivity – people often misconstrued these two things. They assume that someone who works hard is productive. We teach you what productivity means and the factors that keep you from being effective. We give a detailed explanation of the ingredients of productivity so you can succeed in anything you do.

“If you have a great ambition, take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it. The step may only be a tiny one, but trust that it may be the largest one possible for now.”

Mildred Macafee

Great ambition is quite awesome and fulfillment is made possible when you access the right information and skills for such growth. 

Little reading is also one of the big mistakes people make most times while targeting productivity in life. I would boldly tell you that if you truly want to see yourself stand out in whatever you do, you need to stay on books that will hasten and gravitate your life transformation speedily.

Mistakes are meant for us to recharge and start all over again, never defeated but elevated. 

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